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Talysarn Ward Bulletin

October – December 2004

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1.   Christmas Carols at the Barracks, Nantlle
2.   Clwb yr Iard
3.   Blodeuwedd
4.   Antur Nantlle - Development of the Barracks
5.   Cyfeillion Ysgol Talysarn - Recipe Book
6.   Llysiau Lleu - Distributing Vegetables at the Centre
7.   Clwb Silyn - Paper Craft, Pringles / Holland Arms, Christmas Lunch / Panto
8.   Young People's Club
9.   Rock Workshop - PA System / Recording Studio Training Sessions
10. Environment Group - Public Footpaths
11. Training Sessions
12. Dates of Partnership Monthly Meetings - 2005

Christmas Carols at the Barracks, Nantlle

Everyone had a night to remember at the Barracks in Nantlle on Tuesday night 14 December. Everybody had been very busy organising the event, with Ysgol Baladeulyn opening the night with Ysgol Talysarn following.


The Rock Workshop had 2 groups performing to the crowds as well as the Nantlle Vale Royal Silver Band. The highlight of the night for the children was the much-anticipated arrival of Santa Claus, and no one was disappointed, as each and every one of the children had a present.

The highlight of the night for the children was the much-anticipated arrival of Santa Claus

Refreshments were available as well, with the girls busy preparing tea, coffee, hot-dogs and so on. A big thank you to everyone who had been busy preparing for the night.

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Clwb yr Iard

A Halloween night was held at the Barracks in Nantlle by Clwb yr Iard. The success of the club has been tremendous and as you can see from the picture below, there were enough witches around to scare everyone in Nantlle!

Clwb yr Iard

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On Friday 26 November, members of the Blodeuwedd Group, with the help of some of the children, planted 2 fruit trees at Ysgol Baladeulyn. The 2 trees, an apple and a plum tree, donated to the school by Blodeuwedd, are part of an ongoing partnership between the group and Ysgol Baladeulyn to establish a fruit & vegetable garden at the school. Hopefully, this will introduce the children to gardening, and encourage them to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Blodeuwedd are looking at a number of community planting projects for next year, some of which it is hoped will actively involve many of the younger members of our community.

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Antur Nantlle – Development of the Barracks

Following the Open Day, the development of the Barracks is going from strength to strength.

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Cyfeillion Ysgol Talysarn – Recipe Book

The friends of Ysgol Talysarn are in the process of putting together a cookery/recipe book together in order to raise funds for the school. The name of the book will be "Nosh Nant", and the hope is that it will be ready to be sold by April. For any further information contact Helen Hall.

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Llysiau Lleu - Distributing Vegetables at the Centre

Llysiau Lleu is a group of people who come together to learn more about growing, preparing and cooking their own vegetables. The group have been meeting at Trigonos for the last 2 years and now have 34 members. The group have been distributing vegetables every week since July 2004 at the Community Centre. The vegetables, mostly all organic, have been grown at Trigonos and Eithinog Farm. For a small contribution every member receives a varied selection of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, broad beans, beetroot, garlic, courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbages and many more.

Because of shortage of fresh vegetables available during the winter months, Llysiau Lleu are having a short break at the moment but will be restarting in the spring. One of the biggest problems the group have is a shortage of suppliers, so if you grow vegetables or produce anything at home, e.g. eggs, Llysiau Lleu would be pleased to hear from you. Contact Wena or Dafydd at the Partnership’s office.

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Clwb Silyn - Paper Craft, Pringles / Holland Arms, Christmas Lunch / Panto

Clwb Silyn have been very busy recently, in which they organised a trip to Pringles and Holland Arms to see the Christmas decorations. Mareth Williams, the club’s secretary reported that they’d had a wonderful day with piece of cake and a cup of tea to finish the day off.

At the end of November Lynn ‘Papercrafts’ was due to entertain the club with her Christmas Cards demonstrations, but due to unforeseen circumstances, could not attend. Mareth kindly agreed to step into Lynn’s shoes, (even though she was a bit nervous!), as she happens to attend classes that Lynn holds every week at the Barracks. Everyone thought the cards were wonderful and wanted to buy the cards on the day!

On the 16 December 2004, the club had a wonderful Christmas dinner at the Goat Hotel in Penygroes. The day consisted of a singsong and everyone received a raffle prize, thanks to Liz and Mareth who had been organising the day for some weeks beforehand.

Clwb Silyn

The following Saturday was the day of the Panto. The bus left Talysarn quite early in order for those who wanted to have a bit of Christmas shopping. Everyone thought that the pantomime was wonderful.

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Young People's Club

The Talysarn and Nantlle Young People’s Club has been established at the Talysarn Community Centre every Tuesday and Wednesday night. It has been a phenomenal success, with young people from both villages attending both nights. In order to ensure the continued success of the Club, volunteers are needed to attend both nights. If you are over 18, and have an interest in volunteering, contact Dafydd Williams on 01286 881103 or Carys Pritchard.

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Rock Workshop - PA System / Recording Studio Training Sessions

The Rock Workshop is going from strength to strength with training on the Recording Studio and PA System from Steve "Pablo". The workshop have just received funding of £4,600 from the Trust Fund to enable them to buy more instruments and are in the process of setting up more training sessions. If you are over 10 years old, and are interested in joining the Rock Workshop, contact Carys Pritchard on 01286 880773.

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Environment Group - Public Footpaths

The group held a Public Meeting to enable everyone to recognise our public footpaths, note down the footpaths already in use and our favourite paths. A discussion was held regarding the need for having footpaths, how to benefit from them and develop new paths.

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Training Sessions

If you as a group, or as individuals, are interested in receiving training sessions, contact Wena or Dafydd at the Partnership’s office.

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Dates of Partnership Monthly Meetings - 2005

January 10: Talysarn Community Centre
February 7: Baladeulyn Chapel, Nantlle
March 7: Talysarn Community Centre
April 4: Baladeulyn Chapel, Nantlle
May 9: Talysarn Community Centre
June 6: Baladeulyn Chapel, Nantlle

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