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Talysarn Ward Bulletin

January – March 2006

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1.   Clwb Silyn
2.   Treasure Hunt
3.   Talysarn Community Centre
4.   Llys Llywelyn
5.   Community Land Trust
6.   Planning for Real
7.   Glasfryn
8.   Draenen y Nant
9.   Training Sessions
10. Partnership Meeting Dates 2006

Clwb Silyn

By now, Clwb Silyn is nearly 2 years old, and still going from strength to strength. They have been meeting recently at the Hyfrydle Chapel because of the new extension being built on the Community Centre. They have received funding to enable them to buy a ‘Bingo’ machine, indoors bowling set and also cutlery and crockery for the club to be used in the community centre’s new kitchen. They will also be staging a pantomime at Christmas.

Last month the BBC visited the club to record some members reminisce about their early years in Talysarn. It was very interesting reading the stories on the BBC web page.

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Treasure Hunt

Two treasure hunts were organised in February by Catrin Meirion, Appraisal Officer, one in Talysarn and the other in Nantlle. Both communities had a fun filled day trying to guess the clues and find the treasure and Catrin gathered ideas from local people on the day. Thank you to the Bandroom and to Llys Llywelyn for organising light refreshments on the days.

Talysarn and Nantlle Bulletin | January - March 2006 ~ 1

The Talysarn winners were:

1st – Martin, Nicola, Sean and Joe
2nd – Stephanie, Emma, Peter and Lynne
3rd – Manon, Sarah, Gracie, Eleri and Mari
4th – Elan, Kelly, Sioned, Teleri and Catherine

The Nantlle winners were:

1st – Ffion, Elan and Cian
2nd – Margaret, Dylan, and Floyd
3rd – Paul, Catrin and Osian
4th – Glyn, Les and Peter

Talysarn and Nantlle Bulletin | January - March 2006 ~ 2

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Talysarn Community Centre

Talysarn and Nantlle Bulletin | January - March 2006 ~ 3

The Community Centre is finally open for business! For more information contact Carys Pritchard or Tom Coleman, who will be happy to help you.

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Llys Llywelyn

Llys Llywelyn is still going strong with many events taking place there. The committee is working hard in raising local awareness by organising consultations and had a local choir, Lleisiau Mignedd, there to sing last month. It was a very enjoyable evening even though the rain was pouring down outside! The refreshments that followed was very enjoyable as usual.

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Community Land Trust

Talysarn and Nantlle Bulletin | January - March 2006 ~ 4

The Dyffryn Nantlle Community Land Trust held a public meeting on Monday 13 March 2006 to enable them to raise awareness and get local backing to try and develop parts of the land at Gloddfa Glai, opposite the playing field in Talysarn, as land to build affordable housing for local people.

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Planning for Real

A Planning For Real training programme was held at Llys Llywelyn at the beginning of March this year.

Talysarn and Nantlle Bulletin | January - March 2006 ~ 5

Eighteen local people took part in the programme, which enabled them to have their say by building models of the area in which they live. The group that took part in the programme have agreed to hold a public consultation in Talysarn and Nantlle by using the Planning For Real methods. This will be a chance to see how your ideal village would look like.

It is important for everyone to take part!

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Thirty-six young people spent a special evening at the Glasfryn Centre, Y Ffôr, Pwllheli on Wednesday 8 March 2006.

The purpose of the evening was to gather information and ideas in order to plan activities which would build potential, develop skills and build confidence of the young people.

Most of the evening was spent at the conference room at the Centre where the youngsters had their say on what they wanted and the evening was finished by having a game of Ten Pin Bowling.

Talysarn and Nantlle Bulletin | January - March 2006 ~ 6

The workers who work with the young people were very happy with the outcome and a follow up to the evening has been arranged at the new Community Centre to enable the workers to prioritise the ideas they collected on the 15 April 2006.

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Draenen y Nant

The Draenen y Nant group have received funding from the Trust Fund to enable them to do a research into the opportunities for young people in the outdoor activities field.

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Training Sessions

If you as a group, or as individuals, are interested in receiving training sessions, contact Wena or Dafydd at the Partnership’s office.

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Partnership Meeting Dates 2006

May 8: Llys Llywelyn, Nantlle
June 5:
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Talysarn
July 3:
Llys Llywelyn, Nantlle
September 4:
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Talysarn
October 2:
Llys Llywelyn, Nantlle
November 6:
Canolfan Cymdeithasol Talysarn
December 4:
Llys Llywelyn, Nantlle

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