Nantlle Valley History

Nebo & Nasareth


Family history of Rhoslas, Nebo

Recollections of Tom Dulyn Thomas and Harri Wyn Williams

(Harri Wyn Williams’ work is bracketed and in italics.
Key: 1. Place. 2. Family name. 1928-1938, 3. Work 1928-1938, 4.Condition in 1988

Let us start at:-


In the 1920’s, the Parry family lived there. He was the son of “The Little Sexton”. The children – Arfon became a vicar. Elisabeth Ann, Maldwyn and Meirion. Maldwyn Parry won the Blue Ribbon (as the best vocal soloist at the National Eisteddfod) twice. Moved to Y Gors between Llanllyfni and Penygroes.

Next came the family of William Jones - Wil Barracks.

J T Jones, Paragon bought the house and renovated it. Later it became the home of Robert John and Wanda Williams. (1. Glanrhyd, 2. Wm Jones and family, 3. Quarryman. 4. Occupied)


Home of John Ellias Jones, quarryman and deacon in Capel Nebo. Mrs Roberts Cerrig Stympia was his sister; he also had two brothers.

Robert Ellis Jones, father of Mary Ellis Holtham and Eurwen Jones.

Brother became a chemist in Pwllheli. His grand daughter married Osian Ellis the harpist

* There was a churning wheel at Rhydlydan and a little bitch on a chain to turn the wheel.

(1. Rhydlydan 2. John Ellis Jones and family 3. Quarryman 4. Occupied)

Cors y Llyn

On the right, it is known as Y Ffridd. A path goes across the Cors to Pant-y Gog.

These are the houses and cottages:
  • Fron Dulyn (1. Fron Dulyn 2. Arthur Parry and family 3. Cobbler 4. Ruin)
  • Y Foty (1. Foty Newydd 2. Mrs Hughes and her daughter 4. Empty)
  • Hafod y Llyn (1. Hafod Llyn, 2. Wm Jones and family 4. Empty)

I remember the Owen family living there and then the family of Arthur Parry the cobbler. Many will remember Lottie and Nansi Parry.

The sister of William Jones (who was the husband of Lizzie Jane (Clochydd), lived in one of the other houses.

Cors y Llyn is common land and some would graze their cattle there by day and drive them home to milk in the evening.

Above Rhydlydan to the left was:
  • Tyddyn Seion (or Tyddyn Sion !) home of the Price family (quarrymen). (1. Tyddyn Seion, 2. R Price 3. Quarryman 4. Occupied)
  • Neuadd Ddu. Home of William and Rachel Owen (nee Jones), and her niece Laura Pritchard. He was a butcher and would go around in his pony and trap selling meat. Then Morris Williams’ family came. He made a living as a mole catcher. Mrs Williams was the sister of Bob Owen Croesor. Two children – Harri Wyn became chemistry master at Manchester Grammar School for Boys. Then Wanda Williams’ mother came to live there. Unfortunately, the electricity went no further than Rhydlydan. (1. Neuadd Ddu 2. Morris Williams and family 3. Smallholder 4. Empty)


During the thirties, it was the home of a bachelor, related to the family at Bryniau Cochion.

After a time, David Roberts a Mrs. Roberts came to live there. He was a milkman; the father of Gwawrwen and Dafydd.

(1. Pen y Ffridd, 2. D Roberts and family 3. Milkman 4. occupied)

Cerrig y Drudion

Home of John Enoch Jones and a family of seven or eight children. (1. Cerrig Drudion 2. Richard Jones and family 3. Quarrymen 4. Occupied)

Bryn Trallwm

Home of Griffith and Kate Hughes their daughter Elen Ann and son Humphrey. After they moved to Ty Capel, I do not believe that anyone lived in the old cottage thereafter. (1. Bryn Trallwng, 2. Griff Hughes and family 3. Quarryman 4. Ruin)

Maes Neuadd

Home of Hugh Enoch Jones, his wife Elin Jones and ten children: five girls and five boys. I’m not sure where the other cottages are. (1. Maes y Neuadd, 2. Huw Jones and family, 3.Quarrymen 4. Occupied)

Bryn Eithin

Home of another of the sons of Y Clochydd Bach: the father of Lizzie Jane.

There is a connection to two ministers and Bryn Eithin. Morgan Griffith, famous minister of Capel Penmount Pwllheli and his brother who was a minister in Oswestry. The mother of the two was a butcher, selling meat in Talysarn.

(1. Bryneithin, 2. John Parry and family 3. Quarryman 4. Ruin)


A notable family lived in this cottage. Two or three headmasters and Malen who was well known in the Nantlle Valley as a midwife. (1. Pant y Fran 2. Richard Owen and his daughter 3. Retired quarryman 4. Ruin)

Maen Gaseg

(1. Maengaseg, 2. Wil Williams 4. Empty)

Maen Llwyd

I remember John and Gwen Hughes living there. He was from Anglesey.

They would go to chapel once a year – on the afternoon of Harvest Festival and they would contribute generously. The only family in the area to pay by cheque.

In Maenllwyd were the roots of the poet Gwilym R. Jones, Dinbych later.

(1. Maenllwyd, 2. John and his wife 3.Quarryman 4. Occupied)

Taleithin 1,2,3

The Roberts family in the three houses, and there was a connection with my great grandmother’s family.

The area is unknown to me after that, but I know of three households:

Ty’n Llidiart

Home to the poet Silyn Roberts. He was a pupil in Nebo School before my grandfather was headmaster there. ( The first headmaster of Nebo School was Griffith Roberts, Bodychain, who was, according to Silyn, a better farmer than a teacher.)

Silyn’s sister was Mathonwy Hughes’ mother. His history in Nebo School can be seen in the booklet based on his lecture about the residents of Dyffryn Nantlle. Somewhere I have some letters from him in which he does not mince his words!

(1. Bryn Llidiart 2. Family of Mathonwy Huws, 3. Quarryman 4.Ruin)

Glan Gors Rhoslas

Home of Robert Alun Roberts and his sister Annie. Their father was the brother of Kate Roberts’ father and of Edwin Roberts Brithdir Canol. Bob Alun was a professor of Agricultural Botany in the University.

Family on my mother’s side were in Cae Ffridd, Beudy Mawr, Hafod Esgob, a Phenbryn Ffactri. He and his cousin, Dic Cae’r Ffridd - Richard Thomas Bryniau Cochion later, were great friends of Robert Williams Parry when “The Fox” was seen a “hundred yards from the top of” Graig Goch. (Immortalised in his sonnet “Y Llwynog”)

R. Williams Parry’s mother was born in Tu Ucha’r Ffordd.

(1. Glangors, 2. Family of Dr Alun Roberts, 3. Quarryman. 4. Occupied)


Cae Mawr

John Williams, manager of Nant y Fron Quarry. Many children, all of which went to Nebo School, until my father stood against him in the Parish Council Election. My father won by ONE vote and the next Monday, the children were transferred to Llanllyfni School.

So, there you are.

One other thing – there was a footpath on Graig Goch which led from Rhoslas to Cwm Pennant. The men of Rhoslas would follow it early on Monday morning to work in a quarry in Pennant and return Saturday afternoon. It was a hard life for the men and their wives scratching a living for land reclaimed from the mountain.

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