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Talysarn Ward Bulletin

April – June 2004

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1.   Communities First
2.   Clwb Silyn
3.   Dyffryn Nantlle Football Team
4.   Open Day at the Barracks, Nantlle
5.   Cruisers
6.   Blodeuwedd
7.   Talysarn Community Centre
8.   Rock Workshop
9.   Dawns i Bawb
10. Dyffryn Nantlle Web Site
11. Trust Fund
12. Communities First Money
13. Youth Workers
Dates of the next Partnerhip Meetings

Communities First

Dafydd Williams, the Talysarn and Nantlle Partnership’s Communities First Coordinator will be in Nantlle every Wednesday at Capel Baladeulyn between 9.30am and 4pm. If you have any queries or questions or have any ideas that could be developed then you are welcome to go and see Dafydd.

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Clwb Silyn

Clwb SilynFollowing the success of the trip to see the musical "Carousel" at the North Wales Theatre, Llandudno a new group called Clwb Silyn has been set up. The group have been meeting once a month for a cup of tea and a biscuit and to gather ideas on what everyone would like to do. The group have already had a flower arranging session with Mrs Elisabeth Woodford showing everyone the wonderful arrangements that she produces with different flowers and plants.

Everyone is welcome to join the group, which meets up on the second Monday of every month at the Talysarn Community Centre. Posters will be put in the noticeboards to inform you of the date and time and what will be happening at the next meeting.

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Dyffryn Nantlle Football Team

At the beginning of April, the Nantlle Vale under 10 and 11 football team visited the Crewe Alexandra Football Centre. The youngsters thoroughly enjoyed themselves by playing 2 games against boys who had been chosen by Crewe to play for their academy. To see professional managers going about their work and the discipline that they had to keep was an inspiration to all. After they’d had their lunch at the centre, they then went on to see a professional match being played between Crewe Alexandra and Rotherham United.

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Open Day at the Barracks, Nantlle

Antur Nantlle held a successful open day at the beginning of May at the Barracks in Nantlle in order to show people the newly refurbished units. It was good to hear Antur reporting that there had been numerous local people interested in renting the units from them.

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The Talysarn CruisersResident Artist, Bryce Davies who has been appointed to work with the children and young people of Talysarn and Nantlle to enable them to paint graffiti on the skatepark has started on his work in Talysarn. At the beginning of June, Bryce was at the Community Centre for a week working with the youngsters to enable him to see their ideas and to show them how he will be working on the graffiti. The children and young people had tremendous fun every day in learning to draw and also they had a chance to go with Bryce on the skatepark at dinner times. Bryce will be returning at the end of June for 2 weeks and then back again for 3 weeks.

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BlodeuweddOnce again it’s wonderful to see Blodeuwedd’s work and effort around the villages of Talysarn and Nantlle. They have been very busy planting flowers and plants in the car park at Talysarn and also the R Williams Parry memorial.

The group have also been busy in the Community Centre where they have been holding afternoons of selling plants and flowers and sitting outside in the sunshine to have a cup of tea and a piece of cake where numerous local people attended.

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Talysarn Community Centre

The Talysarn Community Centre has now had planning permission to build the new extension on the existing building. There will be an opportunity for you to give your opinions of what you would like to see being held at the centre once it has been built by filling in the ideas box at the bottom of the bulletin.

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Rock Workshop

Four local groups held 2 concerts at the Talysarn Community Centre at the end of the workshop taster sessions. This enabled the groups to build their confidence by performing and arranging the concert held at the Memorial Hall in Llanllyfni and to share the stage with the well-known group Y Profiad.

Well done Aliens, Offside, Kill a Gorilla and Agent Smith.

It was good to hear that the Rock Workshop has received £1,000 grant from Gwraidd to enable them to pay tutors at the sessions, which will be starting in September 2004.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Rock Workshop, to develop their skills in playing the guitar, keyboards, drums, singing, mixing and installing the PA System or CD Recording in our small recording studio, contact Carys Pritchard, Helen Hall or Neil Thomas. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any instruments, you can use the ones already at the Workshop.

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Dawns i Bawb

The dance sessions held at Ysgol Talysarn have proved very popular with the youngsters with as many as 48 children of the area coming to the school and trying out the various different types of dancing.

If anyone is interested in joining the dance sessions then contact Carys Pritchard.

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Dyffryn Nantlle Web Site

The Dyffryn Nantlle Community Web Site Group meet every Monday night at the Antur Nantlle Technology Centre and a warm welcome is extended to anyone who wishes to join us to learn more about creating a community web site. We are looking for old stories about Talysarn and Nantlle to be included on the site. More importantly, we are looking for contemporary and up to date events, which are happening today. We would be grateful as well, for any interesting photographs, old and new.

Remember to visit our website at and bring your contributions.

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Trust Fund

For the local groups’ information, the Trust Fund is open again this year for you to put in your applications for financial support for your group. For more information contact Dafydd Williams at the Communities First Office.

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Communities First Money

Funding is available to groups who intend to hold activities enabling people to learn through doing or to send group members on training sessions. You could also visit groups in other areas in order to learn from their experiences.

For more information contact Dafydd Williams at the Communities First Office.

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Youth Workers

Are you interested in working with children and young people? The Talysarn & Nantlle Partnership is looking for people to work with the children and young people of the area. Applications should be sent by letter to the Talysarn Community Centre, Station Road, Talysarn. For more information, contact Wena at the office on 01286 881103.

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Dates of the next Partnership Meetings

September 6: Talysarn Community Centre
October 4: Baladeulyn Chapel, Nantlle
October 18: Public Meeting - Talysarn Bandroom
November 1: Talysarn Community Centre
December 6: Baladeulyn Chapel, Nantlle

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