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October – December 2005

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1.   Young People Voicing their Opinions
2.   Talysarn Celts
3.   Llys Llywelyn
4.   Communities First Public Meeting
5.   Young People
6.   Development at the Barracks
7.   North Wales Police
8.   Electing Members
9.   Local Appraisal
10. Talysarn Community Centre
11. Clwb Silyn
12. Dates of Partnership Monthly Meetings - 2006

Young People Voicing their Opinions

Recently a survey on public transport was made by the Gwynedd Young People’s Opinion Group, which includes 7 young people from Talysarn and Nantlle. The final report was presented to members of the Gwynedd Young People’s Forum at the Celtic Royal Hotel by Darryl Hughes, Cai Thomas and Donna Pritchard from Talysarn.

Congratulations to Darryl for being chosen to represent Gwynedd to report back monthly to the Forum and to Cai and Donna as deputies.

A Special Day was held in Talysarn and Nantlle by the young people to enable them to show the activities that they are now developing. The day also enabled them to gather information and ideas of other young people of the area as part of the Partnership’s Local Appraisal.

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Talysarn Celts

Who said "you won’t win anything with kids"?
The Talysarn Celts Football Team are holding their ground this year in the Caernarfon & District Safeflue Division.

With 5 members of the team under the age of 18, the future looks promising for the Club. Go for the treble next term!

Good for you for giving the young lads, namely Brian Page, Rhys Jones, Scott Hughes, Peter Bridges and David Jackson a chance.

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Llys Llywelyn

During the past three months we had a swathe of activities, including: Coffee Mornings, Llys Llywelyn Library, Leisuretime Activities Club, Birthday Parties, Yoga Classes, Afternoon Teas (and other Blodeuwedd activities – many thanks to them), Clwb yr Iard, Autumn Fair, Public Meeting, Wedding Reception, Christmas Fair, Flower Arranging Class, An Evening of Carol Singing. These were all very successful, and it is amazing that a small village like Nantlle can sustain so much activities. Some larger villages with bigger village halls struggle to sustain so many activities. Many thanks to all those who have supported us.

In the new year we intend to expand our activities. Remember that the Indoor Table Top Sale start in January. Also, the Workers Educational Association are keen to hold courses here. These are the type of classes they run in other villages: Art for All, Spanish, French, Computers for Beginners, Welsh for Parents, Digital Photograph, Visual Arts and many more. Some courses are held in the morning, others in the afternoon, and others in the evening. The grant we have secured recently to buy computers and other technological equipment will help to enable some of these courses to be run. We will get more information on these courses shortly.

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Communities First Public Meeting

A very successful public meeting was held at Llys Llywelyn on the evening of Monday 14 November 2005. Following a presentation by the Chairperson and Coordinator reporting back to the community about what has developed over the last 6 months, the meeting carried on by following the agenda.

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Young People

The young people displayed photographs of the activities that they had developed in the area with the support of Communities First. A presentation by Darryl Hughes showed what opportunities there were for young people of the area.

Clwb yr Iard used "Power Point" to show how the club had developed since it started.

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Development at the Barracks

Antur Nantlle took advantage of the evening to collect information and backing of the community with their efforts to develop the Barracks as an attraction. The majority supported developing the site as an attraction based on a specific theme. What do our readers think?

Contact Dafydd Glyn Owen on 01286 882688 or call in at Antur Nantlle in Penygroes / Partnership’s Office in Talysarn.

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North Wales Police

It was good to hear Inspector Gareth Roberts saying that there are changes on the horizon in the way they will be policing our communities. According to Inspector Roberts a policeman will be responsible for each area in the valley, with Dylan Owen and Stephen Nesfield responsible for Talysarn and Nantlle.

A representative of the police will be attending the Partnership meetings in order for the community and the Partnership to work together.

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Electing Members

Two new members were elected on to the Partnership, Julie Rathbone and Peter Barnes, and 3 new members on the Young People’s Sub-Group.

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Local Appraisal

Catrin Meirion reported back to the community the results of the questionnaires that were distributed in the area recently. The information gathered confirmed what the community is eager to see happening in the area. For more information regarding this, contact Catrin Meirion in the Partnership’s office or call 01286 881103.

The winners for filling in the questionnaires were:

1. £50 – 409 Mr B Jones 13 Bro Silyn, who gave a donation to the nursery school.
2. £30 – 510 Mr S Owens 12 Maes Llyfnwy
3. £20 – 495 Mr D G Owen 10 Ffordd Coedmadog, who donated the money to Clwb Silyn

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Talysarn Community Centre

Talysarn Community Centre has just been awarded £63,000 in Communities First funding to meet the running costs of the new Community Centre until March 2008.

We are grateful for the support of the Talysarn & Nantlle Communities First Partnership in securing this money on our behalf. The funding will allow us to employ two part time staff to help run the centre, meet our running costs for the next couple of years and to promote and develop the activities on offer to the community.

Tom Coleman, a member of the committee added "the building is now really taking shape and we hope it will be fully completed and ready for use by late February 2006". The new building has been designed with full disabled access and toilet facilities.

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Clwb Silyn

On Tuesday 13 December the members went to Meifod, Bontnewydd for their Christmas Lunch. Every member received a gift whilst chatting over a cup of tea and mince pies.

On Friday 16 December the bus left the car park at 10am to Llandudno. Arrived in Llandudno around 11.30, some of us went shopping and others went to Asda for a cuppa. Everyone met at 12.15 at the North Wales Theatre to see the pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk and arrived home at 6pm.

We were, as a club, deeply saddened to hear of the loss of one of our loyal members, Mrs Anna Williams. We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to the family.

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Dates of Partnership Monthly Meetings - 2006

January 9: Llys Llywelyn Centre Nantlle
February 5:
March 6:
Llys Llywelyn Centre Nantlle
April 3:
May 8:
Llys Llywelyn Centre Nantlle
June 5:
July 3:
Llys Llywelyn Centre Nantlle
September 4:
October 2:
Llys Llywelyn Centre Nantlle
November 6:
December 4:
Llys Llywelyn Centre Nantlle

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