Nantlle Valley History

Nebo & Nasareth


Nebo and Nasareth District Committee Constitution



The name of the society shall be "Pwyllgor Ardal Nebo a Nasareth"

Aims and Objectives

1. To promote the good of the community culturally, economically and socially.

2. To maintain the community room.

3. To organise activities.


All residents of Nebo and Nasareth who are over 16 years old.


The executive committee shall be open to any member. At least six members shall be present to form a quorum.


The executive committee shall meet once a month. The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in June. At least ten days written notice of the meeting shall be given. At least six members shall be present to constitute an annual general meeting.


At every annual general meeting a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer shall be elected from among the members. Each officer shall be expected to remain in office for at least one year. Every officer shall be eligible for re-election.

Changes to the Constitution

Any change to the constitution shall be made either at the annual general meeting or at an extraordinary general meeting. At least ten days notice shall be given for any such meeting. At least six members shall be present to change the constitution.


The executive committee shall have the right to administer the financial assets to promote the objectives of the society. The treasurer shall prepare a balance sheet for the AGM. Everything bought on behalf of the society shall remain the property of the society.


If it be decided to bring the work of the society to an end, any money or goods shall be shared with any charitable society or societies with aims similar to this society.


The committee shall have the right to co-opt any person from outside the area, as it deems appropriate.

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