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Cors y Llyn

Cors y Llyn is situated in an especially beautiful location with views of all Snowdonia.

Cors y LlynInformation on Cors y Llyn is contained in the documents ‘Biological survey of common land - Arfon Division’ and ‘Survey of Welsh Wetlands’.

Image: Cors y Llyn.

The bog is described as very wet indeed, too wet, perhaps, to graze livestock. In 1991, at the time of the survey, it was in good condition, and that so little burning and drainage had been of great benefit to the wildlife.

Plant such as bog St John's wort, cranberry, willow, fescues and orchids are to be found, as well as a wealth of mosses, liverwort and 12 types of sphagnum moss.

The undergrowth provides a suitable environment for birds and insects, and the linnet and the reed bunting are noted in the survey.

22 % of the common, (the central part), is in the Snowdonia National Park, but the rest is registered as land of Llanllyfni Parish Council, and it is likely that it is the council which is responsible for its management. The bog is registered as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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