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The Old Mountain Doctor: David Thomas Jones ~ 1779-1839

David Thomas Jones lived in Hafod yr Esgob, Mynydd Llanllyfni, with his wife Elizabeth (1781-1849) where they planted a garden full of local and exotic herbs. Sometimes rare plants would be found growing wild nearby decades after the death of their youngest son in 1888.

H. Humphreys, Caernarfon, published in Welsh 'The Old Doctor of Mynydd Llanllyfni's Book' namely:

"FAMILY HERBAL OF JONES LLANLLYFNI showing the medical virtues of herbs and a guide to their collection, and to their preservation uncorrupted throughout the year. Including more than 100 Pictures, coloured according to Leaf-colour. To this is added another book MEDICAL HERBALISM by the late THOMAS PARRY, Tre'rgarth. The price for both, bound, 4s. 6d with the leaves coloured, or 3s. 6d without colour.

(Advertisment of 1883)

The Family GraveOn the south-west slopes of Garnedd Goch is the Doctor's Well - the cold water is supposed to be beneficial to people with rheumatism, shingles and other problems. The flat stones set around it are still said to be visible but the heather has grown over the greater part of it. Tests were conducted on the spring-water about 20 years ago but no difference was detected between it and the water in the lake - the reservoir for Dyffryn Nantlle. How fortunate we are!

His son David Thomas Jones (1824-1888) was also famous for medicines. Some of his preparations for children were sold throughout Europe and America.

They were buried in the Scotch Baptist Cemetery, Llanllyfni.

Image: The Family Grave .

"Er meddu ar y moddion - a wellant
Eraill o glefydon;
Angau trwch i'r llwch gell hon
Yma ddug y meddygon."

(Physician; heal thyself!)

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