The Villages of the Nantlle Valley



This village developed around an early Christian site. The present church (which, like most of the village was designed by Kennedy in 1860) was sponsored by the Newborough Family. The Tŷ’n Llan Hotel (The Harp) was built early in the nineteenth century. It is likely that the row of 'tai uncorn' (traditional cottages with one chimney) on the road fron Llandwrog to the main road A499 were erected sometime after 1823.

Recent housing was developed to the west. Despite being an estate village for employees of Glynllifon without even a nonconformist chapel, its atmosphere is thoroughly Welsh

Because of its strategic position at the western end of the Menai Straits, Fort Belan was built in 1776 in case of attacks by the Americans or the French. The dock was added in 1824 .

RAF Llandwrog was the largest airfield in Wales from 1941 to 1945 . Caernarfon Airport was developed on part of the site after the war.

The former infirmary and WAAF site were completely modified by Sain Records to create a studio and offices, and a second-hand furniture business uses the former No.1 site. There is a small museum at the airport.

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