The Villages of the Nantlle Valley



Talysarn, Nantlle Valley, Gwynedd.Talysarn is widely known throughout Wales because of two famous residents - the bard Robert Williams Parry (R Williams-Parry) and the Reverend John Jones, one of the most influential Methodists of his age.

The village developed in the late 18th century in the Pen-y-Bont area ~ the land was formerly part of Coedmadog Farm.

Due to the success of the 'Cloddfa Coed' Slate Quarry between 1850 and 1870 the village quickly expanded. Houses for the workers and their families were built on the side of the hill along the line of Hen Lôn (the old road) and the turnpike road (1840s) and the Nantlle Railway. Part of the road between Talysarn and Nantlle collapsed into the Dorothea Quarry in 1924, and shortly after, a new road was built on the southern side of the valley, where once was the Lower Lake Nantlle.

The lake was gradually drained during the 19th century as the water was so close to the deep quarry pits. But after a dreadful accident in 1884, the river Llyfni was canalised.

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